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Our Products

USA Companies Save BIG!

USA Businesses

Whether you are marketing Stateside or into Canada, we can produce and prepare your marketing in Canada, IN CANADIAN DOLLARS (approximately a 25% discount depending on currency exchange rates), then we deliver your mail to the USPS and it is mailed just the same as if it were prepared in the USA... but you get the savings!

As well, our American Advantage Plus offering is loaded with even more amazing features!  Click the link and contact us today to find out how YOU can benefit.



Direct mail is a great way to deepen customer loyalty and increase front-of-mind awareness

When you’re ready to launch a direct mail campaign, Origo is the place to start. We are experts at executing super successful direct mail campaigns.We have the staff, equipment and knowledge to take your direct mail campaign from concept to completion.

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Advantage PLUS Maximum Marketing Exposure

Advantage Plus by Origo integrates your Direct Mail campaign with Social Media follow up and Google’s online resources to maximize your exposure and integrated tracking. Generate & convert more leads by consistently getting your message in front of your target audience, across multiple complimentary channels repeatedly for BIG results!



Reorder Forms Library Your Reorder Forms

Did you know we can set up a password-protected order form library for your company? It will make managing and reordering printed documents incredibly easy. How cool is that?

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High Speed Card Affixing


Did you know that we can easily affix your promo / membership cards to a carrier?

Our state of the art precision equipment applies a precise amount of glue and your card to an exact location on a carrier at super high-speeds!  

Watch how in this short video


Start Your Business

Just starting your business? Find out how we can make it happen faster.

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Grow Your Business

Marketing ideas that can help you grow your business to the next level.

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Build An Empire

Go national! We have the products you need to build your empire.

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